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May 14

Your Watchlist is now easier to use

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features, Tips & Strategy

QuiBids Live Watchlist

If you pay close attention to QuiBids’ Facebook page you might have noticed that we recently updated the functionality of your Watchlist. So here’s a little blog post entailing some more information about that update, with step-by-step instructions for how to use the new function and where on our site you can go to actually use this functionality.

To provide a little context, the QuiBids Watchlist is one of our most frequently used site functions and we expanded its capabilities so customers could add auctions to it from more locations on the QuiBids site. We think you’ll find that it makes it way easier for you to find auctions worth bidding on, and will save you some time!

Here’s how it works

Now, instead of having to click through to an actual auction page or product page (if you don’t know the difference between these two things, don’t worry and just click here) you can pretty much add an auction to your Watchlist anywhere that the thumbnail image for the auction exists, without having to click through to the next page. It definitely speeds up the process of browsing for auctions!

So whenever you see an auction thumbnail image, simply hover your cursor over the thumbnail and a miniature dropdown menu with one option will appear. That one option is “+ Watchlist” and when you click it, the auction will immediately and automatically add to your Watchlist. Here’s what it looks like:

add to watchlist

Here’s where you can use it

Obviously you can use this function wherever an auction thumbnail image appears on the site but since QuiBids is constantly adding new auctions it’d be impossible to list and update them all. So without getting too specific, there are three types of places where you can use this new add to Watchlist function:

1. Similar Auctions tab
This is located on the auction page.

similar auctions tab

2. Live Auctions section
This is located on the product page.

live auctions section

3. Auction competed banner
On any completed auction page you’ll see two options for forthcoming auctions for the same product, and both of these are equipped with the “+ Watchlist” function.

auction complete banner

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